online articles

humor pieces

The Ghosts in Your Vintage Clothes (The New Yorker, January 2018)

Meet Your Leg Bruises (The New Yorker, November 2017)

Relationship Advice From Juliet Capulet (Glamour, May 2015)

personal essays

On Abortion (Chatelaine and Flare, November 2017)

Post-Concussion Syndrome (Chatelaine, September 2016) 

I Warned Women About Jian Ghomeshi (Chatelaine, April 2016)

How To (Almost) Meditate (Glamour, September 2014)

Kurt Cobain Made Me A Feminist (xoJane, February 2014)


Post-Concussion Syndrome and Clinical Depression(The Current-CBC, 2016)

dating and relationship writing

Do You Love Your Purse More Than Your Boyfriend? (Glamour, May 2015)

Mind Your Manners: Cellphones are ruining them (Glamour, October 2014)

Lying Your Way Through Bad Dates (Glamour, May 2015)

Single Women At Weddings (xoJane, November 2013)

Summer Love (Glamour, July 2014)

Pub Paint Nite, Date Night (Glamour, June 2015)

pagan woo-writing

Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome (Mystic Medusa, April 2016)

Vaticanus, The Pagan God (Mystic Medusa, March 2016)

It's Time for La Befana (Mystic Medusa, January 2016)

beauty writing

How To Bathe Like Oprah (xoVain, May 2013)

The Best Foods For Better Skin (Marie Claire, April 2010)

Bruce Springsteen: Beauty Idol (xoVain, May 2013)

How To Deal With PMS Face (xoVain, July 2013)